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Credit Health has never been more important than it is today. I would like participants to understand: 1.) How the the 2020 pandemic effected personal credit. 2.) How you can improve and protect their post pandemic Credit Health 3.) What are the best ways to monitor your personal credit. 4.) What changed in mortgage qualifying in 2020.


Many of you may know me as the "Mom of the Docs," Dr. Jordan and Dr. Jade. However, I have a few more career manifestations that enhance my career as a mother and grandmother. I obtained both my BA & MA at NIU; got married when I was still in college and began my career as an English teacher. I taught in Downers Grove and in Waukegan at Jack Benny Jr. High for a combined 20 years. During that time I became a licensed Realtor at age 22 and I started teaching for Columbia College where I taught English, Film & Literature & Principles of Real Estate primarily to the local military population in Illinois and Wisconsin for ten years. I was also a writer and at age 32 while still a teacher I became a Nationally Syndicated Columnist, writing the column $uper $aver for Universal Press Syndicate for 30 years. Through $uper $aver I was a consumer advocate and wrote about consumer finance and actually resolved more than $2 million dollars in consumer complaints during the life of the column. I was recognized by President Ronald Regan and the U. S. Office of Consumer Affairs for my work on behalf of consumers. I have been a guest on more than 500 radio and TV shows as $uper $aver and retired the column when my mortgage practice got too intense for me to handle more than one major career. In 1995 I switched careers and decided that I could help more people in in the home mortgage business than in Real Estate and I began my mortgage career at Prism Mortgage in Libertyville. In 1999 I started my own mortgage company in Libertyville, actually in the same building that now houses North Shore Pro-Active Health. My most recent incarnation is Diamond Residential Mortgage of which I have been Division President for the past decade. I have been doing this for so long that our CEO and Founder was actually my student at Jack Benny. I am a credit expert and a licensed DIvorce Lending Specialist. In that capacity I work with divorcing or divorced couples in an effort to save family credit in crisis and assist in protecting valuable home equity. I also specialize in first-time home buyers which allows me to come full-circle and engage my desire to teach the process to others.

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