Stress Less
 Minimind Program

Six Week Virtual wellness Program

Join me for six weeks of camaraderie, support and health expression. 

What if you learned how to eliminate stress in Six Weeks?!?

 Are you ready for an organized approach to set you off on the right foot?

Join us for our Six Week Virtual Mininind focusing on the Functional Medicine Principles of Nutrition, Movement as well as Outlining & Achieving Realistic Goals in order to eliminate life's stressors.

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As Women We're everything for everyone...

Are you currently feeling:


Overwhelmed? How did the last year pass so quickly??


Your tank is spent filling everyone else up.


You've had the same 'resolution' for the past five years.

Meet your instructor:

Hi, I'm Dr. Jordan!

I'm a Functional Medicine Physician, Wife, Mother, and BS Survivor. (We've all been there). While I live in Chicago my heart is in Sanibel, Florida and the most challenging time for me is the winter. The grey skies, the stress of the holidays (throw in that both my kids' birthdays straddle Xmas), and the expectation of a holly/jolly mood.

In this Minimind I'm teaching you everything I know about how to not only survive but thrive this winter and tackle those resolutions like never before. Tips on eating for your body type (and helping everyone in the family enjoy dinner time), tackling daily movement patterns to maximize your body's innate requirements, and even helping you to tee up New Years Resolutions so 2023 is beyond your expectations! And the good news? We're all in it together!


"Working with you has literally changed my life. I'm hoping to continue to implement these changes into my daily wellness routine."

Megan, client of Dr. Jordan

Ready to rock this year?

This six weeks will help you:


Start the year surrounded by like minded women looking to kick off the year right.


Tweak your current habits to make being healthy simple, easy and fun.


Save time and anxiety because everyone in the house is happy and healthy! 

YES! I'm in!

If you know you're ready to start this year with confidence, excitement and fun...Register today! I guarantee you've never felt better!