The Dangers of Energy Drinks

Did you know that there are 11 deaths reported with the use of 5-hour Energy and at least 5 deaths reported for the use of Monster Energy Drinks?  It is important to note that the details surrounding these deaths are not all cited, so there is great possibility of adverse reactions of energy drinks with medications and/or alcohol.  

Energy drinks do not provide energy, such as the type we get from carbohydrates for example.  They provide caffeine, a stimulant to your nervous system.  The goal of an energy drink is to boost your mental alertness, appearing as an energy boost.

Consumerlabs.com privately tested the caffeine levels in some popular energy drinks.  

  • 8-Ounce Cup Of Coffee: 95 milligrams
  • Monster Energy M-3 Super, 5-Ounces: 206 milligrams
  • 5-Hour Energy, 2-Ounces: 206 milligrams

One of the problems with energy drinks is the quick uptake of such high levels of caffeine.  Most people may have more than one cup of coffee a day, but they drink it gradually rather than doing a shot of 5-hour energy.  Your body can become addicted to caffeine if it is unable to regulate energy properly. Caffeine withdrawal symptoms can include headaches, mood disturbances, constipation, insomnia and even flu-like symptoms!  Caffeine withdrawal is now a documented disorder.

If you feel you need an energy boost, start with increasing your hydration.  Adequate sleep, hydration and vitamins will put you on a path to increased energy.  Be wary of energy drinks, and be extremely cautious of mixing these drinks with alcohol or any medication regardless if over the counter or prescription.  The regulations when it comes to energy drinks is extremely lax, so as a consumer you need to be informed and educate yourself prior to consumption of such beverages.
If you want to see what vitamins your body may be lacking to cause fatigue or decreased energy contact our office.  We offer a detailed report based off a blood test to determine what you are lacking and why.  North Shore Pro-Active Health.  112 W. Lake Street.  Libertyville, IL. 847-362-4476.


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