Understanding Burnout and Mental Health

Have you ever been tired, irritable, restless and have a hard time sleeping?? These can be possible signs that you are burned out!!! People are busier than ever with work, children and everyday life. Sometimes we forget when to take breaks and just relax and take one thing at a time.

Here are some signs and symptoms that you may be burning out:

  • Problems with concentration, memory or the ability to think clearly
  • Changes in eating habits (overeating or loss of appetite)
  • Unable to complete tasks
  • Feeling sad, overly worried, worthless
  • Irritability and restlessness
  • Loss of interest in activities that you have enjoyed in the past
  • Withdrawn or disconnected from others
  • Changes in energy or sleep patterns

Well what can you do about it?

  • Talk to your chiropractor, doctor, friends and family
  • Local mental health centers
  • Employee assistance programs
  • Churches or worship centers
  • If you or someone needs immediate crisis intervention then call 1-800-273- TALK (8255)

Signs that require immediate attention are:

  • Thoughts or plans to hurting themselves or others
  • Hearing voices or seeing things no one else can hear or see
  • Drop in school performance, work or any type of activity
  • Sudden personality changes that are out of character

Discussing these concerns sooner rather than later may help you or someone you know from further burnout.  There are dietary, supplemental, alternative and allopathic ways to help get over the hump and start feeling back to your self again!  Remember if you or someone you know is suffering from these symptoms and you have signs that require immediate attention such as thoughts of hurting yourself, please call 800-273-TALK or 9-1-1 for immediate assistance.

By: Kristin Stromberg, Licensed Athletic Trainer


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