Why "Weight" 'till Swimsuit Season?

I’m a big fan of healthy habits. I even created a FREE facebook group to help manage stress & wrap up the year on a high note - simply by instilling a few healthy habits. If you’ve found yourself doing these things and still struggling to lose weight the answer may be in your gut! Did you know your gut bacteria impacts what you crave, how hungry you are and how well you absorb the nutrition from the foods you consume? It may be the key to your weight loss struggles!


It’s been a stressful few months for a lot of us and if you’re holding onto a few extra pounds that you’d like to lose the answer may be below.  I’ve done them all and find them easy to implement and notice great results when I follow my plan.

  • Intermittent Fasting - there are many ways to integrate fasting. I like the 16 off and 8 on plan. For instance, I eat dinner about 6:30pm and do not consume any food after 8:00pm until I eat lunch the next day after...
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