Women's Retreat Recap

The following blog is about our previous Women's Retreat. If you're interested, stay tuned in your emails about any retreats in the near future!

There are many reasons for attending a wellness retreat - needing a getaway, looking to connect with like minded individuals and even for the knowledge provided. Well, those that attended our Leasure Retreat last October received all those things and more!! It’s our hope we will be able to again hold our retreats in person - in the meantime I hope you can relive our last one through this post!

We had a private estate on Lake Como filled with inspiring, fun and energetic women from the northern suburbs and downtown Chicago. We brought in a private chef that doubles as a wellness coach and we got to work.

Our retreat started on Friday night with a welcome “cocktail” provided by Kombuchade - a local wellness company providing organic kombucha - a thousand year old drink of fermented tea. If you haven’t had it,...

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Meditation: Not Just For Buddhists

When most people think of meditation they think of praying or religion.  Mediation in fact is a form of alternative medicine that teaches you to focus your attention.  There are many different types of meditation, and most started from Eastern religious or spiritual traditions.  They have been used by numerous cultures throughout the world for thousands of years.

Some forms instruct you (the practitioner) to be mindful of feelings, thoughts and sensations.  In addition, you are to be extremely nonjudgmental.  This is the only way you achieve a state of physical relaxation and balance.

Regardless of the type of meditation, most have the following four things in common:

  • Quiet Location.  You want to have limited distractions, in a quiet place.
  • Comfortable posture.  Each type if meditation is different, but you can be sitting, laying down, standing, etc.
  • Focus of attention. You may focus on an object, breathing, or a mantra.  Regardless you...
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